Ideas for Hot and Cold


Platter of fish including
Platter of meats
Pasta salad
Mixed bean salad
Potato salad
Waldorf salad
Nicoise salad
Caesar salad prepared by a chef on the buffet
Rice salad
Tomato and mozzarella salad with roasted red onion
Greek salad
Prawn and Marie rose salad
Thai noodle salad

Main courses we offer


Cantonese Sweet and sour pork
Chicken Satay
Beef Satay
Cottage pie
Sheppard’s pie
Pilipino roast pork belly
Lamb hot pot
Tandori chicken
Lemon and thyme roast chicken
Beef lasagne
Spaghetti bolognaise
Traditional roast
Beef pie
Chicken pie
Chilli con carne
Chicken a la king
Chicken curry
Braised chicken thighs
Beef stew
Roast beef with béarnaise sauce
Beef burginion
BBQ pork belly
Roast pork, shallot and pumpkin sauce
Pork roulade
Pan fried pork loin with shallot vinaigrette
Pork with crushed herbs
Pork litson paksiw
Steamed pork belly black bean
Lamb stew
Lamb koftas
Beef Kibbeh
Lamb with tomato garamasala (Rogan josh)
Breaded chicken
Cordon bleu
Chicken stuffed with spinach and mushroom
Chicken stuffed with smoked ham and apricot
Chicken stuffed with leeks and mushroom
Breaded chicken with corn relish
Chicken adobo
Chicken tikka
Sweet and sour chicken
Chicken casserole
Chicken caduum
Malaysian chicken curry


Mixed seafood with Szechuan sauce
Smoked haddock fish cake
Fish pie
Deep fried coli with black bean sauce
Sweet and sour coli
Steamed Pengasius with cream ginger chilli sauce
Steamed Pengasius with spinach and watercress sauce
Egg battered Pengasius with sweet pickled veg
Baked salmon with tomato and caper salsa
Baked salmon crusted with herbs and orange zest
Salmon and spinach Wellington with red pepper sauce
Grilled salmon with black olive tapinade
Salmon berrue Blanc
Pan fried Pengasius with horseradish salsa
Salmon bites wrapped in won ton with soy
Mixed fish surprise in pamdam leaves
Pengasius in a mussel broth


Savoy cabbage faggot stuffed with vegetable braised rice
Wild mushroom and asparagus strudel
Roasted vegetable lasagne
Vegetable pasta bake
Tuscan white bean casserole
Sweet potato and spinach tart with Gremolata
Thai green vegetable and coconut curry
Butternut squash risotto cakes
Warm vegetable salad with deep fried goat’s cheese
Vegetable goulash
Vegetable tangine
Vegetable mousaka
Pissaldiere of tomato, olive, basil, and anchovy
Vegetable bunny chow
Sweet potato, shitake and snake bean stew
Spinach tortellini with pesto cream
Rosemary and mushroom Polenta
Selection of risottos
Tomato red onion and goats cheese tatain
Linguini roast vegetable with pesto
Vegetable chilli
Ratatouille with an herb and parmesan bread crumb
Vegetable Wellington
Tomato penne pasta with a fresh piperade
Stuffed peppers
Stuffed courgettes
Stuffed aubergine
Stuffed marrow wedges
Pumpkin cannelloni 

Potato dishes

Jacket halves with herb crust
Pomme au Brian
Bonne femme
Steamed ribbons


Cauliflower mornay
Cauliflower polonaise
Vichy carrots
Carrots and sugar snaps
Tempura cauliflower
Spiced snake beans
Cauliflower fritters
Broccoli almandine
Deep fried Chinese broccoli with crispy garlic
Roast courgettes
Braised courgettes
Roast butternut squash
Celeriac chips
Green beans and shallots
Roasted Mediterranean veg
Braised red cabbage
Aubergine beniets
Ribbon veg
Roast pumpkin
Celeriac puree
Roast celeriac
Cabbage onions and bacon with cream
Sweet potato fondants
Braised fennel
Creamed leeks
Mange tout
Roast flat mushrooms
Roasted red onions
Honeyed parsnips
Grilled peppers

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